Skills (スキル) are a collective name for abilities used by individuals in Infinite Dendrogram.


Humans are only capable of using skills via equipment or jobs and in the case of Masters, via their Embryos. Monsters on the other hand are capable of using skills naturally. They typically require MP or SP as a cost to be used. Skills can be classified in various ways based on the conditions for use and their functions.

Job Skills

Skills that can be acquired by receiving a job. They can be divided into General Skills(通常スキル), skills that can be used regardless of the job set as main job, Characteristic Skills(固有スキル), which can only be used when the job set as the main job is within the same grouping, and Ultimate Skills(奥義), the strongest skill a job has. In the case of Superior Jobs, the ultimate skill can only be used when the Superior Job is set as the main job. When a job is reset, all skills gained via that job are reset as well.

Original Skills

Original skills are new skills not found in jobs or equipment that can be created by an individual. Normally, creating skills is the province of those with Superior Jobs from the One series, but for caster type jobs, it is possible for talented high rank job users to create original spells. Original skills can normally only be used by the creator, but a degraded version can be taught to a direct disciple. In rare cases, an original skill can be overwritten into a job by the Archetype System, only subsequent job holders to use the skill.

Skill Level

Skill Levels refer to the level that a skill possesses. This can effect the power of the skill as well as whether or not it can be resisted by the opponent's skills. Low rank jobs have skill level cap of 5, and high rank jobs have a skill level cap of 10. Once the level cap of 10 is achieved, no matter what type of equipment is used to raise the skill level, it cannot increase any further. Certain Superior Jobs have jobs skills at the EX level.

Sense Skill

A category of skill that can be achieved when using certain jobs. Sense skills can assist people by correcting their movements, and the higher the skill level, the faster and more accurate the correction. This skill can be used so that even complete amateurs can perform activities such as piloting vehicles, cooking, engineering, etc. However, if they attempt motions that are illogical, the skill's effect will worsen. Unlike other skills, the effectiveness of sense skills can depend on the native talent and ability of the user. If the user possesses no talent, then the effect of the sense skill will be weak. Conversely, if the user has native talent, the effect of the sense skill will increase.

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