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Rascal the Black Onyx is a Master and the sub-owner of Illegal Frontier.


Rascal dresses sharply, in a trenchcoat (noted to be a special reward), a suit and a fedora.


Rascal is one of the few Superiors noted to have any form of common sense, especially amongst Illegal Frontier. He is practical and deal with business in a no-nonsense fashion.


Rascal rose to prominence in Infinite Dendrogram as an arms dealer who sells weapons from the pre-ancient civilization on the black market. He is also famous for destroying any ruins he comes across, earning him the nickname 'Legacy Destroyer'.



Mutual Connector, Deus ex Machina (無尽連結 デウス・エクス・マキナ): A Form VII Type Advance Calculator Embryo that takes the form of a gear. It is currently connected to the Prism Person Agate Designer.

  • Junk Box: An active skill that allows Rascal to store machines inside Machina. Any machine being touched by Machina or in contact with a machine being touched by Machina can be effected. Machines with built in anti theft function or UBM's are immune to this skill's effect. Due to being limited to machines and the Embryo itself possessing very few skills, the storage capacity is extremely high.
  • Connect: Connects a machine stored inside Machina to a targeted machine. This allows Rascal to receive highly detailed information about the target machine's structure, design, energy usage, etc. and to share functions with each other even if the specifications of the machines are different.


The Weapon (器神ザ・ウェポン): A Superior Job from 'The One' series that specializes in weapon maintenance skills.

  • Rewind Weapon (リワインド・ウェポン): A skill that fixes damaged machines. It cannot recover parts that are missing, but any kind of damage aside from that can be repaired. It can also be used to adjust the performance of machines that are malfunctioning. The user must understand the blueprint of any machine they use this skill on.