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Marilyn, true name Granschubert Glorious Fortron (グランシュバルテア・グロリアス・フォルトロン), is the Hexahorn Grand Dragon belonging to Rook Holmes.


Marilyn was a large blue, four-legged dragon with a shell on its back and shoulder, and 3 large, curved horns. She resembles a triceratops. After evolving to Hexahorn Grand Dragon, she has 6 large horns.

As a Kin, she appears as a human woman wearing armour that resembles her scales as a dragon and carries a spear resembling her dragon horns.


Marilyn is quite rambunctious, but is very devoted to Rook.


Marilyn's true name is Granschubert Glorious Fortron, the 167th daughter of the Irregular UBM, Earth Dragon King Mother Drag-Land. Because Marilyn's father is not a dragon, she was not born as a Pure Dragon. At some point in time, she came into the possession of Grantzian Valleno, the renowned artist from the Kingdom of Altar.


Possibly because of her bloodline, Marilyn boasts a status surpassing that of the average Demi-Dragon, though she lacks any special abilities. After evolving into a Pure Dragon, her stats had increased further.

  • Tri-Horn Upper (トライホーン・アッパー): An active skill where Marilyn swings her horns against her enemy.
  • Tri-Horn Grand Dash (トライホーン・グランダッシャー): An active skill where Marilyn performs a charging attack to pierce her opponent with her horns. When merged with Rook and Babi, the skill was stated to be capable of piercing a hole into a Pure Dragon-class monster.


As a Kin, Marilyn's status greatly increases despite appearing as a human and is capable of using some job skills from the Superior Job, The Ram, the high rank job, Full Armour Giant, and the low rank job, Spearman.

  • Spearmanship (槍術): A passive sense skill that assist the user in using spear effectively, giving them knowledge on how to properly wield it in combat.
  • Astro Guard (アストロガード): An active skill that multiplies the user's defense by 5 in exchange for rendering them immobile.
  • Distortion Pile (ディストーション・パイル): An active skill that extends the shockwave from using a pile driver outwards vertically, increasing it's range.