The Forms of Love is the twelfth volume of the Infinite Dendrogram light novel series.


The city of Gideon is bustling with life! A great celebration is underway, and a grand duel is about to take place. At Azurite's behest, Ray accompanies Xunyu on an escort mission to the great City of Duels. Meanwhile Hannya, the devilish berserker, is finally freed from the Gaol. She has only one thing on her mind: visiting her beloved (and oblivious) Figaro! Thus Gideon becomes the backdrop to the convergence of many stories, and many forms, of love.

Table of Contents

  • Opening: Correspondence Between a Certain Man and Woman
  • Chapter 1: The Three Horrors and the Extras
  • Chapter 2: Battle of Second
  • Interviews: Things to Struggle on to and Things to Find
  • Chapter 3: Beginning of the Festival
  • Chapter 4: Each Love Fighting Festival
  • Chapter 5: The Lion and the Bomb
  • Chapter 6: The Fuse
  • Chapter 7: The End of the Festival and Rough Things
  • Chapter 8: A Story Written in the Heaven
  • Chapter 9: Figaro's ――
  • Epilogue
  • Afterword



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