The Glory Selecter is the eleventh volume of the Infinite Dendrogram light novel series.


An AI looks into the past, at an event long before Ray Starling set foot in the world of Infinite Dendrogram. The unstoppable Tri-Zenith Dragon emerges from the mountains. It is a bringer of death, wielding a miasma of desolation in its wake. The citizens of Altar can do nothing but watch as doom descends upon them. However... There are three who may be up to the challenge. Three Masters who, if they managed to work as one, could stop the imminent desolation of the land they call home. But with so much glory to gain, what could they stand to lose?

Table of Contents

  • Opening: The Observer Thought About Days Gone By
  • Scene 1: The Golden Calamity
  • Scene 2: Claymill Absolute Defense Line
  • Scene 3: Desperate Choice
  • Intermission: At the Royal Castle
  • Scene 4: Figaro's Decision
  • Scene 5: Two Kings Departure
  • Scene 6: Lion and Dragon
  • Scene 7: Moon Eyes and Evil Eyes
  • Scene 8: Peerless God of War, Baldr
  • Intermission: The Worst and the Worst
  • Scene 9: Power and Power
  • Intermission: The Past Will Eventually Lead to the Present and the Future
  • Afterword



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