After the Storm, Before the Storm is the tenth volume of the Infinite Dendrogram light novel series.


The chaos at Quartierlatin subsides, and the kingdom begins to mend its relationship with the Masters. After a very long weekend, Reiji returns to college to work on his studies and mingle with his Dendro-playing friends. But as that happens, Hugo travels to Caldina to apprentice with a Superior. As he tries to level up, he finds himself embroiled in a major conflict with the local mafia...

In Infinite Dendrogram, the storms never subside. They simply move elsewhere.

Table of Contents

  • Prologue
  • Episode One: College
  • Side Story: A Certain Arrest
  • Episode Two: Seniors
  • Side Story: Crime and Invitation
  • Episode Three: Sister
  • Side Story: Valentine’s Day of 2044
  • Episode Four: Consultation
  • Pallid Pages Part One: Spin the Roulette Wheel
  • Episode Five: Predicament
  • Side Story: Nightmare at the Gaol
  • Epilogue: After the Storm, and Before the Storm
  • Afterword



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