Great Genocide Max is a Master from the Kingdom of Altar. She is currently ranked 30th in the kingdom's duel rankings.


Max is a short statured girl with reddish hair and a slender figure.


Max is belligerent, showing little respect to her senior duelists Juliet and Chelsea. She also dislikes being made light of.


Max was originally from Tenchi, but she moved to the kingdom, where she joined the duel rankers, with the intention of being not only the fastest person to climb the rankings but also to become the duel champion.



Swordmaster(剣聖): A high rank job from the swordsman grouping. It is noted to have very difficult conditions.

  • Laser Sword(レーザーブレード): An active skill that enchants a blade with the light element.


Ipetam: A Type Guardner Embryo that takes the form of a bear with blades growing out of its back.

  • Mad Blade Spilling Blood, Ipetam(狂刃よ 血を啜れ): Ipetam's ultimate skill. The blades on Ipetam's back can be removed and made to move via remote control at ultra high speed. Max can ride on the blades to move at high speeds as well.


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