Black smoke rises from countless factories and forms a cloud that blocks out the sky. On the ground is a modern day city made of steel.
— Dryfe Imperium: the land of machines.
Dryfe Imperium

The Dryfe Imperium, also known as the land of machines, is a country in Infinite Dendrogram, and one of the seven countries that a Master can begin their journey at.


While most countries in Infinite Dendrogram avoid the use of advanced technology after the invasion of the Incarnations and the destruction of the ancient civilization, Dryfe alone is different and bases their civilization around studying advanced technology.


Located on the extreme northwest of the continent, it is bordered by the Kingdom of Altar.

The locations within the Imperium's territory are:

  • Vandelheim - the capital city of Dryfe Imperium. It looks like a city from 19th century Europe. At the center of the capital is the imperial palace. At the heart of the palace is an ancient, enormous clockwork fortress named Throne of the Imperium, Dryfe Imperstand. At the outskirts of the capital is a large, 200,000 square meter facility and headquarters of the Triangle of Wisdom
  • Barbaros - a town located at the southeast territory of Dryfe, bordering the Kingdom's territory, Quartierlatin.


Dryfe is governed by a feudal monarchy. The current imperator is Leinhard C. Dryfe.


The Dryfe Imperium was originally established by a group of people who decided to set up themselves as the successors of the ancient civilization.

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