The first volume of the Crow Record: Infinite Dendrogram Another manga series.


A Dive-type VRMMO <Infinite Dendrogram> swept the world with its unique system that follows an "infinitely" varied pattern of evolution.

"Black Raven" Juliet reigns fourth in the duel ranking of the Kingdom of Altar, one of the nations in it.

She is a shy person and reserved in real life, but actually she is just a junior high school student who loves gothic loli, but only speaks chuuni language in <Infinite Dendrogram> on a regular basis.

Today too, Juliet utilizes her sword skill and Fallen Knight job skills to go on an adventure with her only friend, Chelsea.


  • Chapter 01: Fallen Knight, Juliet
  • Chapter 02: Challenger
  • Chapter 03: The Duel Begins
  • Chapter 04: Fallen Knight vs Swordmaster
  • Chapter 05: Costumes


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