Barbaroy Bad Burn, real name Fujibayashi Kozue, is a Master of the Kingdom of Altar and the former owner of the PK clan Mad Castle. She is currently a member of the clan Death Period.


BBB's avatar has the appearance of a neat looking young woman in her early teens who wears glasses. Though her avatar looks decidedly different from her real self, Ray Starling noted that there were some similarities, such as the fact that she wore glasses in both forms.


BBB usually has a no nonsense and sensible personality. However, while engaging in PK activities, BBB roleplays as a vulgar heel-type character, with rough and violent mannerisms as a way to relieve stress.


The Fujibayashi family runs a tea ceremony school, which is where Kozue first met Tsukuyo Fuso and Tsukikage Eishiro when they came to study there. At some point, Kozue started playing Infinite Dendrogram, and having made a name for herself as one of the kingdom's premier PKs, founded the clan Mad Castle.



Great Canopy Atlas(大天蓋 アトラス): A Form VI Type: Territory Embyro that maipulates the concept of gravity.

  • Heaven's Weight(天よ重石となれヘブンズ・ウェイト): A boundary that affects everything within the range with increased gravity. It also applies the 'Binding' debuff to any targets within. The strength of the gravity increases based on the distance from Barbaroy. At 2 meters, gravity is increased 500 times. By compressing the effective area, the gravity can be increased even further to a maximum of 5000 times.
  • Anti-Gravity(地よ楔を外せアンチ・グラヴィティ): Reduces the effect of gravity on the user and their equipment.

Emancipated Giant Atlas(解放されし巨人アトラス): Atlas's ultimate skill. It converts BBB's defense to attack power and multiplies that by 10 for 10 seconds.


Shield Giant(盾巨人): An END focused high rank job that allows the user to use any shield as long as the user have the required STR.

  • Flying Shield(シールド・フライヤー): An active skill where the user throws a shield to attack the opponent.
  • Stronghold Pressure(ストロングホールド・プレッシャー): Converts the users defense stat to offense stat. Can be used even if the user switches their main job to Armour Giant as along as they equip a shield.
  • Fatal Defender(フェイタル・ディフェンダー): By sacrificing an equipped shield, the user can instantly increase their defense.
  • Thousand Shutter(サウザンドシャッター): Creates a barrier that negates all attacks that could deal the user less than 1000 points of damage.

Armour Giant(鎧巨人): An END focused high rank job.

  • Armour Adjuster(アーマー・アジャスター): A passive skill that fills the inside of the user's equipped armour with an field similar to viscous air that allows them to move freely even in armour far larger than themselves.
  • Astro Guard(アストロガード): Multiplies the user's defense by 5 in exchange for rendering them immobile.

Other Skills

  • Damage Decrease(ダメージ減少): A passive skill that decrease all incoming damage by 20%.
  • Damage Reduction(ダメージ軽減): A passive skill that reduce all incoming damage by 500.


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