Babylon is the Type Guardner Embryo belonging to Rook Holmes.


Babylon, or Babi, as she is affectionately nicknamed, has the appearance of a tall, red haired, well endowed succubus, with bat wings and a devil's tail.


Babylon has a warm and friendly personality that can easily get along with most people. She cares deeply for Rook and comforts him whenever he is feeling down.


As a Type Guardner Embryo, Babylon is capable of operating independently from Rook. Due to her ability to absorb a large number of skills, Babylon's status is below the average for a Guardner of her form.


Lilim Temptation(小淫魔の誘惑リリム・テンプテーション): Applies the Charm debuff to males. The lower the target's mental resistance, the higher the chance for success.

Lilim Drain(小淫魔の吸精リリム・ドレイン): Drains the MP, SP, and HP of targets with the Charm debuff.

Drain Learning(ドレイン・ラーニング): When using Lilim Drain on a target, there is a chance(1% at Level 1) to randomly absorb a skill from the target. Due to this ability, Rook has access to far more skills than any normal build could have.

  • Petrifying Breath(石化ブレス): An active skill that makes the user's breath give the Petrification debuff.
  • Optic Camouflage(透明化): An active skill that makes the user's body transparent.
  • Monstrous Strength(怪力): A skill that gives a fixed increase to STR.
  • Little Flare: Low rank fire attribute magic.
  • Flash Eye(閃光眼): An active skill that releases a blinding light from the user's eye, giving the opponent the Blindness debuff.

Union Jack(ユニオン・ジャック): This skill fuses Rook, Babylon and a monster under Rook's command to form a new creature, with the combined stats and skills of all components. When using this skill, Rook can use all his job skills, regardless of what his main job is. While using this skill in conjunction with the many status enhancement skills learned by Babylon, it is possible for Rook to obtain a status equal to that of a battle type Superior Job, depending on which monster he fuses with. However, due to the harsh SP cost, it only lasts 5 minutes at maximum. Since a Tamed monster is part of the fusion, if Rook dies, they die as well. Rook obtained this skill due to his desire to fight together with Babylon and his tamed monsters, just like Ray does with Nemesis. This skill requires a certain amount of time to be charged.

  • Dragon Devil Man(竜魔人): The fusion of Rook, Babylon and Marilyn. It focuses on STR and END.
  • Fire Devil(炎魔人): The fusion of Rook, Babylon and Audrey.
  • Metal Devil Man(鋼魔人): The fusion of Rook, Babylon and Liz. It focuses on AGI and physical defense.


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